The purpose of the product page is not to tell the readers what the product is about. Nope.

The purpose of the product page is to SELL the product.

So it is your words on the product page that are doing all the talking and doing the sales job on your behalf.

And images do work too but ultimately a wooden table is a wooden table is just a wooden table which all other competitors also have on their websites (and probably for a cheaper price than yours!)

So this is the reason why the product page on your website – no matter whether you’re selling a table or consultancy or handmade scarves – should be really beautifully written.

I am going to help you with 4 sweet ways you can tweak the copy on your website to make your products more attractive to your readers. Try these and let me know the results.

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1.Make all your content quickly scannable

People don’t read as much as you think they do. They just scan. So in such a case, the best you can do is make sure that all your main content does not get missed.

Do not put it in long, windy paragraphs set in long, poetic sentences. Keep them short. Keep them concise. Keep them significant.

Be ruthless about what YOU think is important. Think from the customer’s point of view. And this brings me to the second way.

See this product page from Exotic Woman Enterprise – their content is easily scanable and gives just the relevant information to their customers.

HSY 2B – Exotic Woman Enterprise


2. Focus on the nature of your buyer

Do they use the F-word a lot? Are they uptight, top-shirt-button-closed kind of people? Are they stay-at-home mothers?

Understand their point of view very well and give them the information that matters to them and in their own language.


3. Avoid superlatives

Scan your product page and notice if you have used superlatives anywhere to describe your products.

If you have, think of a new way of writing. Because nobody believes superlatives anymore. It’s not the 70’s.

It’s surprising how many people still describe their services as “Number 1” or “best-in-class” or “state of the art”. People’s brains filter out these pompous terms. So be a bit more believable by describing your services just by their benefit.

For instance, instead of saying “We provide the best sugar-free chewing gum”, try something like “Our sugar-free chewing gums save your teeth from sugar decay.” 2 birds with 2 stone, do you realize?

I love Oatly as a brand. They are amazing. Check out a part of their product page below. They even mention what’s missing! How much more do you need to love & trust them?

Chai Oat Drink Oatly

4. Tell a fun story

Don’t get all cramped by the word “story”. I know not all of us are J.K Rowling and could not be one to save our lives.

Yet, there is a simple method to tell your product’s story. I am doing a whole workshop on it with Betahaus soon. Sign up for it if you want to master this super-cool technique and use it in your business.

For now, take a look at how Oatly talks about tea – sooo different from all other tea drinks – and they manage to stand out beautifully in a competitive market.

Chai Oat Drink Oatly

To tell a good story, think of the answers to these questions –

Why is the product special?
Why is it different from others?
Why did you make it?
What will the customers feel after trying it?


These pointers might help you out in re-thinking your product pages. Re-think and come back to me with your feedback at