Whether you have a new one or you’re planning one, this is why the words you choose are very important:

Everywhere you use words – which is pretty much everywhere – you are either winning people’s trust & appreciation, or losing it. So, smarter the things you say, better it is for your new business

1.Your Website

When you’re sleeping, the words on your website are doing the selling. So they better be powerful then?

2. Sales Script

When you have nothing much to show – not years and years of business experience, and projects, or too many word-of-mouth client references – then, how people feel about you in the first meetings, matters a lot. Hence, what you say and how makes a difference – and these are your words.

3. Email Pitching

Every email you send out is a pitch. Within a few words, you’ve got to convince the other person to reply to you. Hence, your words are important.

4. Elevator Pitch

At any random networking event, the words you speak within the first 15 seconds matter more than anything else. I am sure you have heard this a lot, and no, it is not yet outdated. So, go get your 15 second pitch together. You might make some good contacts at that networking event.

5. Blogging

Blogging is known to be a cool tool for your SEO rankings and all but it is also a great tool to build an initial rapport with your potential customers. They would most likely find you on the internet and it is your blog which is doing the selling job for you. So you better have a blog and a really lovely one 🙂


So go ahead, and make sure that in your new business, you don’t forget the importance of words in the middle of all your technical business and financial planning.

Because it’s your words that do the selling for you.