For me, the word ‘story’ in relation to business and marketing is somehow one of the most teeth-clenching. Not because it has little meaning, but because it can be, and IS, misunderstood tremendously.

Let me explain.

The moment we all hear the word ‘story’ in any context, we start feeling that we need to get extra creative, go beyond the wall into the pink foggy fantasy land, have some great ‘drama’ happening, or have some main heroic character, blah blah.


Not all of us are creative or entertainers or excellent writers (except me, I am!)

People get so carried away by these high false expectations that they forget the actual goal.

And what is the actual goal? Do you know? Can you answer?

Often, it is not just the story but also the narration of it that matters. So if you’re trying to render it in a way that is not you, stop.

Or, if you have been sitting at your work table for 5 days trying to come up with a creative story for your business that will lasso in wonderful customers, stop.


Start with this

This will get you going.

This will smoothen up your first steps.

And then, see where it’s going.

Don’t try to start writing anothe Harry Potter book in your drive to get a creative business story. Start simple.

Because simple is sexy. And it’s what you need right at the beginning to get started.

And then, once you’v got a clear picture of what your initial business identity is turning out to be, think of a flowing narrative.


And good luck, macho!