Never again will you say such a phrase:

“What was that word…um…I forgot…wait…it’ll come to my mind in a minute…”

Never again will you get stuck or stutter in a meeting, in a presentation, or during networking.

It is flat-out boring to talk to someone who keeps getting stuck & looking for the right word even for something like the “right word” itself.

Fact: People stop paying attention to you when you do that. They simply stop listening to you. It is very difficult to engage in a creative conversation with someone who takes 10 minutes to say something that otherwise takes 4 minutes.

(Trust me, I live among non-native speakers, in a non-English speaking country (Germany), and I KNOW!)


I am telling you here some ways to speak fluently when you forget the right word in English. There’s a simple enough technique.

Try it and tell me in the comments below how it worked for you.

It works like this:

You replace the word-you-forgot with its complete definition or its analogue. There are many ways of saying the same thing. For example,

Our product is customizable for each customer’s needs.

Now in this sentence you may forget some words like customizable, customer or needs


How do u replace these words? You define out the whole idea of customizable

  • Our product suits each person’s needs
  • Our product can be made to fit different customers

..and so on


Let’s look at each word.

Customizable. What does it mean? Something that fits each person individually, right? What are the other possible words for it that might come to your mind. Personalize could be one word? According to each person/customer? Modifiable? Adaptive? Adapts to each user’s needs?

These alternatives can work, right? Think more. How can you define it? It is not a standard specification product / It is a very adjustable product / It can be altered for each user. 

What about the word customerPerson / User / Buyer. Any other possible word?

Now, what about needsRequirements / Expectations / Uses. 


I am sure you know at least some of these words. Make a cocktail of the words you know. Simple.


Hope this helps.