Yeah, international expansion for your local business requires getting out of your comfort zone and connecting with people you’ve never met before. Connecting with people helps you get started in that new international market.

If you’re a German and you want to expand to, let’s say, Canada, what language do you write your introductory email in?

If you’re Austrian and you want to expand to India, what language do you write your first introductory email in?

If you’re Spanish and you want to expand to South Africa, guess what language your introductory emails have to be in?


I can never understate the importance of language in business.

You must be able to speak.

You must be able to influence.

You must be able to CONNECT with your buyer and make him talk to you and make him understand what you are, who you are. And argue against this as much as you like, truth remains that you have to communicate in


So, a lot of ‘experts’ advice that when you’re sending the first email (also called ‘cold emails’),

  • do not write more than 50 words,
  • write only the most important thing,
  • keep it fast & short
  • tell them what you want from them
  • etc

I find this silly.


Look at this. Somebody just sent me this message recently on my facebook page. Do you think I will ever respond to this message, even though it is less than 50 words and states the most important point?

capture image

(click on the image to make it bigger)

Of course, not!

Such a message is rude.

Such a message burns business leads.

By following such advice, you end up

  1. reducing your entire message within 50-100 words even though you have got so much to sayHow can you explain everything about your business/job within such few words and then also make      them excited to reply to you?!
  2. consulting the dictionary again and again so your email has good words which might make the recipient of your email respect you more
  3. Leave out more than half the important things you want to say in your email because then the mail will get too long, and no one will read it.

Guess what?

The problem is that when you don’t say the most important things, your email remains unconvincing and never gets a reply

So how to write a good cold email?

How do you make your email recipient open your email, read it, and reply?

The answer is really simple. It is —

  • be absolutely clear about who you are, what you want from them, and how to take your conversation forward. And don’t shy away from clearing these points.
  •  In other words, Lead them on what you want them to do.
  •  And be nice. Don’t be very straight-jacket professional in the email. Sound nice. If your recipient smiles while reading your email, his brain has already started generating positive response to you and he will do something about it.

How to do all this?

Stop being afraid of writing a longer email.

But make sure not to fill in silly information like how great your company is, how great you are etc etc. Make it about them. Tell them why you are writing to them. Why both of you are a fit. Tell them what exactly you want from them, and then suggest how you can discuss it in more detail.

Make sure you only write relevant information. One piece of silly/extra info and people stop reading favourably because they have low attention spans and lesser time… And you are, after all, just a stranger 🙂

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