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Most of us are now coming out with lifestyle-enhancing products/services instead of products/services that are strictly based on needs.

Some examples of these products and services include:

  • Fashion products (like handbags made in Kenya or kaftans made in Egypt, etc)
  • Mindshift coaching
  • Life coaching
  • Meditation or spirituality coaching
  • A new café in town
  • Home-cooked dinner home delivery

…and more like these.

Most people would benefit from your service, yes, but they don’t need it as they would need a doctor or a tax consultant or accounts assistant or a lawyer or their alarm clocks.

Or worse, even when people need your products, they don’t actively realize that they do.

To add to this, most of the times it is difficult for your customers to measure their return on investment in purchasing your products or services, and thus, they are not easily compelled to buy.

What you need to get clear on is that your product is a life-enhancing product. It improves the quality of life for your customers. But they don’t feel a lack of it if they don’t use your products/services.

Hence, this lovely free downloadable worksheet for you!

Download  worksheet







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