Introducing your amazing product or ideas to people is very exciting.

It literally gives you goose bumps – that’s the level of happiness you feel.

We all do.

It is great to show your glory to the world and an opportunity to speak at a conference or an event or a summit or exhibition is a great chance for you that you should not give up out of nervousness or lack of confidence.

Here are some tips how to give a great speech.

Let’s go!

Step 1:
Right at the beginning, figure out, what should be your ultimate message.

You cannot go in front of people and say 25 things. You can’t.

Best is to have only ONE message. Communicate this one message and try your best to make understand this one message very clearly.

Start by writing it in ONE SENTENCE. That should be your message. We will create a story around this one message.

This will also be a chance for you to clear out your cluttered thoughts and refine one main message.


Step 2:
Why is it important for people to know this message.

Figuring this out will help you clarify what to focus on. This will also force you to think from your audience’s point of view and tailor your message so that they empathise with your message and love it.

This will give you the bones of your speech.


Step 3.
From the bones, come the meat.

Obviously, that’s not a biological fact. From the bones don’t come the meat! Duh.

But, once you know what points you want to get across and why, it is going to be so easy and FAST to get your main content in line.

Try it and see if you find it hard to believe me.


Step 4.
Rinse and repeat.

Gosh, this phrase is done to death but good lord, is it important.

I mean, now you’ve got your center in place and you only to refine the cosmetics. The best way to do it is sit down and brainstorm how to make your story fun and interesting. And then, test it on your friends and family – what else are friends and family for anyway! 😉 [Just kidding!]

Try this and share with me your experience at