Growing your career to an international level is such a thrilling idea, isn’t it?

Working in different countries, meeting different people, gathering new experiences, getting appreciation by different people… is a reality that you can actively build.

I can tell you how.


There are many 5-feet long profiles on LinkedIn. There are many people on Twitter with thousands of followers. There are many people describe themselves as “the leading mind in <their field>” or as “ninjas”.

Everyone reads social profiles with a pinch of salt. That means, everyone knows social profiles and CVs are inflated.

So when you are connecting with someone on LinkedIn or via email or via Twitter… what’s the one factor that can influence their mind about you? How do you make them take you seriously amongst all the crowd?


Chances are that you will not land an opportunity just out of the blue.

You will need to initiate contact. Whether you are asking for a job or looking for a freelance project or looking for a collaboration or just want to make a new connection to share ideas or want a new customer for your product / service / app – initiating contact is inevitable and can lead to unexpected things.

But. How do you do it nicely?

How do you differentiate your message from SPAM?

How do you make the other person (the person receiving your message) understand that you are awesome, genuine, could be a great contact for them too, and that you should be valued?

The only chance you get is a few words on your messagejust some words. Everything depends on your words.

In such a case, like it or not, you have to write your message in English. And if you are a non-native – if you are German or Spanish or French or Russian speaking? Then how do you write an excellent message?

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Remember, the other person is judging you based on your message. A badly written message will only warn them that it’s going to be difficult to work with you because you won’t be able to communicate.

And that’s the end of your ambition, before the beginning. Congrats, you just killed yourself.


For those of you who want to succeed:

  1. Be clear to yourself about what you want from the other person

State your concerns clearly in your message. Do not leave open questions like “Can I ask you something” or “Can we connect”. Give a reason of why you want to connect.

An incomplete message like

“Hi Reema,

Can we connect?”

will never get me to reply to you. Ever.

No one will talk to you if you want to understand something. Give them something in return. A free service, a free consult, a mention on your blog, something.


  1. Don’t introduce yourself with a title.

I’m Internal Communications Manager at __ is not enough. Talk about what you actually do.

I come up with online and offline content to generate interest in our product is a much better way to introduce your work.

What keeps you in business? Your main idea. In 1 line.


  1. Finish your message within 50-75 words.

Unless it is super intriguing – which it mostly wouldn’t be. So be realistic. Which bring sus to our next point.

  1. Don’t use superlatives or exaggerations

Do not use words like






Wrong words can make people stop taking you seriously. Don’t call yourself or your work amazing or great or anything like that. Just talk about what you do, what you want – real stuff.


Make your words smarter.

Because they matter.


I am available to train your business teams, or professionals. You can request an appointment with me by selecting a time here or you can write to me at