So..recently I was giving a workshop at the Startup Europe Week in Hamburg..and as usual I was gaily talking my head off, babbling non-stop… when I had to stop and ask the participants to do a task about which I was just speaking.

It is so so surprising every single time I see this happen with entrepreneurs… repeating the same mistakes

And the funny thing is, everyone thinks they aren’t the ones making it.

Check it. You probably are.

The mistake is this:

Most business owners get it wrong about the problem they’re solving.

In other words, they are not clear about the problem they’re solving.

In other words, they know the general larger market issue they are operating in and the one their product is meant for, but,

this should not be what you mention as the problem.

The problem should be specific. Very specific.

Because when that happens, it is super easy for people to place you exactly at the right place in their minds in terms of the industry.

Otherwise, they’ll keep confusing you as a competitor of another business called X who is probably just your neighbor and not your competitor.

Anyhow, this mistake of understanding the problem you’re solving transfers to your entire business messaging. And hence, customers get the wrong message.

And they always appear confused about what you do..or repeatedly, forget it.

Has it ever happened to you that you had to explain yourself more than once to the same person? 😉
Make sure you work on your messaging. It’s important.