So that’s the question – you need to make contacts with new people and HOW the HELL do you that?
You may need to sell them something or you need them to do something for you (refer you to someone, publish your article, grant you a meeting etc) or you may be asking for a project or you want them to interview with you – any and every situation where you need to make a new contact

You need to make contacts with new people and HOW the HELL do you that?


Or, cold EMAILS?

Sure, there are other methods – like connecting with them on LinkedIn or other social media – but then again, once they have indeed added you as a connection, you STILL need to break the ice! You still need to speak the first word because you need them to pay attention to you, right?

Most people would just add you on social media and then never bother with you. They’ll be back in their world, living their life.

You NEED to make that contact.
So back to square one – should you make a cold call or should you just write a cold email?

Which one of these is better?

Cold Call.


I know you hate it.
We all do.

Cold calling someone makes you feel kinda exposed…kinda open for ridicule. Right
I mean, it is so much easier to receive rejection on email rather than directly on phone because that will make you go red in the face and you wouldn’t know what to say after they’ve snapped at you and you’d just hang up. Right?

If you start off on the wrong foot, yes they will snap at you. If you make any of these most common mistakes when cold calling, don’t expect anything better –

# You stammer right at the beginning

# You speak too quickly right after they’ve said “hello”

# You start with asking: “How are you?”

# You throw too much information at them in one breath

# You give them irrelevant information

# You make them uncomfortable by putting them in a spot

# You ask them too many questions

# You’re inconfident

As you can see it’s a long list and you know what? This is not even the complete list!

You are right with your fears BUT cold calling can also be very different.

Cold calling can be something that you can smoothly sail through. It can be something that you can be smiling at the end of.

You really can do a good job with calling a stranger and having a nice little talk.

Yes, you can. And you don’t need to sound like Megan Fox for that.
(If you thought so, you’re silly.
Sorry for being blunt about that.
Actually, no I’m not sorry. You are silly.)

Cold calling is the only thing that works fast. It is the only thing where you get a chance for a stranger to realize you’re a human too and that you can be well meaning too.

# You can have a longer conversation than the space emails allow you.

# The other person gets to hear you, your authenticity, the fact that you’re human.

# You get the chance to answer their questions and have a good discussion

# It’s just faster

To make any good, quick, trustworthy business connection – you DO need to pick up the phone and talk to people.

So, how do you avoid mistakes and sound like a true professional who is easy to approach?

A couple of ways.

BE CLEAR about what you want not from that person but from that call. What I mean by that is, if you want that person to buy something from you, what you want from the call is a next meeting in their office or a chance to email them further details or something like that. See the difference?

SPEAK SLOWLY, take a breath and own your moment. Don’t rush through your script or speak too fast.

SPEAK DELIBERATELY. Have a script about what you’re going to say. This helps you get over the nerves, speak without stammering, and sound in-control.

REMOVE DISTRACTIONS, like other people talking on the phone or people walking in and out of the room or your facebook account.

BE CONFIDENT about what you want, who you are and that you are NOT a nuisance to the person you’re calling. Don’t believe that you could be a nuisance – it’s fatal.


Hope this helps,